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Membership Application

Kol Torah of Baltimore

2929 Fallstaff Road ♦ Baltimore, MD 21209 ♦

Membership Application

* Regular member reduced rate applies to full membership for new members under 30 years of age (either spouse) only.

Membership billing will start from the beginning of the current calendar quarter.
For Male applicants - please include a photo of yourself to help us locate you for an introduction in Shul.

Adult Member One

Information about your father

Applicant's Father and Applicant's Paternal Grandfather

Information about your mother

Applicant's Mother and Applicant's Maternal Grandfather

Adult Member Two

Information about your father

Spouse's Father and Spouse's Paternal Grandfather

Information about your mother

Spouse's Mother and Spouse's Maternal Grandfather


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Child 2

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Child 5

Child 6

Volunteer Opportunities

Yahrtzeit Information

Yahrtzeit 1

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Yahrtzeit 2

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Please note that membership applications are not finalized without receipt of the internet safety form and until the application has been reviewed by the membership committee and the Rav. 

I agree to meet all financial obligations associated with this membership. Requests for special arrangements must be discussed with the President and are subject to the approval of the appropriate committee. 

Fri, May 24 2024 16 Iyyar 5784